Monday, October 16, 2006

Ms. Sapphire ring or rings(?)

Found several rings for Ms. Sapphire birthday but I'm not sure which one to give her so I bought all of them. Now I wonder which one she will pick.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Ms Sapphire

Well I've come to find out that Ms. Sapphire has a list of things she wants..

1. A ring
2. A fiancee

And if I missed something, oh well sorry!

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

More chocolates

To Ms Sapphire, I've gotten you flowers, chocolates, and tried to write you a letter but after all that I’d still like to meet you. So what do you say?

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

To Ms Sapphire,

To my sweet (pen can be heard crossing this out.)

To the one who stole my heart (pen can be heard cossing this out as well)!

"Grrr!" growled D'Ice.

Must think of something to call her besides that (no I won't put that here)!

To the one whom I'd like to date,

"God! This isn't working." D'Ice growls low and to no one.

*10 minutes later*

I give up! She's just going to have to settle on having another small gift from me or maybe I could fnd a way to get her out of that place. Thinks D'Ice as he sits back thinking of what that will cost him.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Why did it have to be Chocolates!?

I bought her flowers but I forgot to get her chocolates. Want to how I find this out, she send me a note saying that she wanted chocolates.

Thanks for the flowers!
Please send me some chocolates!
Ms Sapphire

But what I like to know is how did she find out my name!?

As I spend the last two hour hunting every possible place looking for just one store that sold chocolates. Just as I was about to give up, I found this small out of the way place the had every kind of chocolate known in the universe.

"Welcome to Bons Bake Shop." said the guy behind the counter as I walked in and was looking at all the chocolate that was on display.

As I got closer and started reading some of the names, I wondered what had I goten myself into.

Just look at these, some of them were named after real people or places. Who would want to eat a chocolate called Suger Obroan (which after poundering it's name, I realized that it's named after a planet).

I just about gave up when I found these....

"Ah I see you found the most expensive chocolate here." stated the sales person as he walked over to where I was.

"I don't care about the price,"I stated as I pointed to a box "Just tell me how many much for that box filled with them."

"It will come up to 1000 credits." he said as he started to fill the box with the chocolates that I had pointed out.

I pulled out enough credits to pay for the box of chocolates. After he took my money and handed the box over he said as I departed the store "I hope whoever she is, will get a chance to enjoy those."

I nodded my thanks for wasting my time and smiled as I walked out.

I walked back to the club that she was dancing at, with the box of chocolates in tow.

As I walked up the entrance to the club, I showed the bouncer the box and stated that "I have a delivery for a Ms Sapphire."

"That's the second one in two days." the bouncer said and showed me a side door saying "her's the one very end left side."

"Thanks." I said as the door closed behind me.

I delivered the box without seeing much trouble, then stepped inside the club itself and sat in a booth in the back away from most regulars that visited this club.

As I looked up at the stage I noticed that she getting ready to do her number so I sat back and enjoyed the show.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

I walked in to the florest today and started looking for flowers to get well, you kow who!

"May I help you sir?" asked the girl behind the counter.
"Yes, I'll looking for flowers to surpise someone with." I slowly stated as I slowly looked over the live plants that sat on the window ledge behind her.

"Would you like cut flowers or a live plant?" she asked as I to pondered what to get. "Look sir, I havn't got all day would you mind if I just showed you what we had on hand and you could pick from that." She statad flatly.

"Sure fine." I flatly stated back to her.

This girl pulled out the first plant and set in on the counter between us and said "when you see one you like, just let me know ok?"

After that one was this one

And then she showed this one to me.

I wasn't to sure what tpye of flower to get her so I got all 3. Did I make a wrong choice, I don't know. All I did do was pay for them, then had them sent to (yeah you guessed it, the girl for the personals) where ever she may be.

Monday, July 17, 2006

I sat down and started reading the personal today...Lets see who's out there looking for love.

Hello Boys! Im looking for a great guy who is: tall 28-38 employed stable single dad or not funny romantic kissable white or hispanic opens doors likes to go places and do things cat friendly Attracted to big beatiful woman. If you have this qualities than please email me. I will be more that happy to give you answers to your questions. Please also respond with a pic, thanks,

Could they get any more boring!

I'm not looking for a serious relationship as I am leaving in a little over a month, but I am definitely looking to meet someone cool to hang out with as more than just friends. I'm fun to go out with and basically just like to have a good time watching holos, surfing, hanging out at the beach, eating good food, going to bars/clubs...pretty much whatever. I like a variety of different personalities in guys but the 3 things that are most important to me are education, good looks, and being laidback/funny.

I spoke to soon! No, thanks! Next!

Hi, I'm a STF, 21, who is looking for someone who doesn't mind tauntauns and annoying sidekicks. Must like scarcasm. Must Hate Aayla Secura.

Hmm interesting, she knows what she wants! I wonder if she one of those who also knows right away who she wants to date? So maybe I'd consider dating her.

Well that's all of them and there's only one here that I'd consider dating.